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iMbox is a simple to use application for recording video from a video camera, web cam, DVD player, TV capture card or even the computer screen. The files created are highly compressed making them suitable for email, for your website or uploading to YouTube, Facebook, etc., allowing you to share videos or music with your peers.

Most Users create a library of recordings for easy storage and playback, just like a jukebox, on a USB memory drive, but its applications are limited only to your imagination. iMbox software is used for recording or even for live broadcasting online and there is no need for additional software to playback the content, it's Windows Media compatible using WMA and WMV standards.

You can fit more than 50 hours of video on a single DVD or 4Gb USB drive! You can choose to download the software and use the training manuals provided or you can take advantage of professional support to assist you step-by-step at affordable rates.

Contact us now or download the software and have a go yourself, it's easy!

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Live Encoding & Streaming also available!

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